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If you have a question for us about Massel bouillons and gravies please email us at and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

Questions about allergens

Are any of your products fructose free?

Yes. Our 7’s stock cubes and our 1L liquid stocks contain no onion or garlic so are ideal for people with fructose malabsorption or irritable bowel syndrome.

Questions about making Massel Stock

I took my Ultracubes out of their boxes and put them in jars. Now I’ve forgotten which flavour is which!

The foil wrapper is a different colour for each flavour. Vegetable is Silver. Chicken style is Gold. Beef style is Copper.

How much Massel stock powder do I need to make stock?

One teaspoon of Massel stock powder makes 500ml of stock. Just add hot water and stir. Please see our conversions table for more information.

How much stock will one Ultracube make?

One Ultracube stock cube makes 500ml of stock. Simply add to hot water and stir. Please see our conversions table for more information.

I forgot to put the lid back on my tub of Massel stock powder and it’s gone all hard. Can I still use it?

Yes you can! You might need to dig a bit harder with your spoon, but it’s perfectly usable (and delicious). It has gone hard because it has absorbed water from the atmosphere.  This happens because Massel chooses not use ‘Anti Caking agents – These are cheap chemical additives that stop moisture penetrating the product and stop it from sticking together. It’s a simple choice we make to ensure the product remains better for you and better for your family.

How do I know whether to buy Ultracubes or stock powder?

Both make great tasting stocks, broths, soups, stews and sauces. However Ultracubes would be our top pick for broths, soups and stews, while stock powder is a fantastic all round seasoning and secret ingredient that can be used in every dish to give a hit of savoury flavour. The Ultracube makes it easy to obtain a precise measurement where as with stock powder you can add just as much as you like – so it depends on your style of cooking and what you feel comfortable doing in the kitchen.

How many teaspoons of stock powder is one Ultracube stock cube equal to?

One Ultracube is equal to approximately one teaspoon of stock powder. Please see our conversions table for more information.

Questions about our gluten-free status

How do you ensure your products are not contaminated with gluten?

All our factory facilities are entirely gluten-free. So there is no danger of cross contamination.

Questions about our ingredients

Do the natural vegetable flavours in your stock cubes stock and powders contain allergens or smoke flavours? Are they thermal process flavours?

The natural vegetable flavours we use are IOFI natural. For guidelines on the IOFI interpretation of the term natural you can download a pdf here.

Is your palm oil sustainable?

As much as it can be. We are part of the GreenPalm sustainability scheme, which supports sustainable palm oil production. We offset our use of palm products by paying a producer for an equivalent amount produced sustainably. This means we are incentivising more palm oil producers to convert to sustainable production. GreenPalm enables a financial premium to be earned by producers who can prove they are environmentally and socially responsible, who are not destroying primary forest, and who develop plans to continually improve their operations.

Are you GMO free?

Yes we are. All Massel stocks and gravies are made using GMO free ingredients.

Questions from vegans

You have chicken and beef style bouillons? How can these be vegan?

Our rich vegan Beef Style bouillon and vegan Chicken Style bouillon are made using only top quality vegetable ingredients. We spent years perfecting our vegan meat style soup bases and gravies. Special blending and the right balance of seasoning allow us to produce flavours similar to chicken and beef without using any animal products. Tasting them, you would never believe they are not chicken or beef! They provide a delicious alternative to meat stocks and broths for the growing numbers of people wishing to eat less meat and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Do you use any animal products?

No. We do not use animal products and our factory is entirely animal product free.

Is your sugar refined using bone ash?

No. We do not use sugar that is refined using bone ash.

Got a question for us?

If you have a question for us about Massel stocks and gravies please email us at and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

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