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Massel Gluten-Free and Vegan Gravy Mix


Gorgeous gluten-free gravy!

Massel gravy is gluten-free and comes in two delicious flavours, Chicken Style Gravy Mix and rich tasting Supreme Gravy Mix.

Massel gravy powder is also the perfect seasoning, adding depth of flavour to vegetables and roasts.

Massel gravies don’t just taste great. They can make planning menus easier for you. Massel gravy mix is suitable for people with dietary restrictions, and perfect for those with lifestyles or religious beliefs that impact on their food choices. Massel gravies are:

Gluten-free Suitable for people with Coeliac Disease
Vegan No animal content
Lactose-free Wheat-free
Cholesterol-free Trans fat-free
Preservative-free No added MSG
Made using all natural ingredients Kosher certified

How to make Massel gravy

Stir 1½ tablespoons of gravy powder into a small amount of cold water and mix it to a smooth paste. Then add approximately 250 ml or 1 cup of boiling water and stir to make a smooth, thick, tasty gravy with no lumps. If you like, you can also add the juices from your roast. One can of Massel gravy makes 20 servings of gravy.

Try sprinkling Massel gravy powder over your vegetable side dishes to add a dash of savoury flavour. Massel gravy makes the perfect seasoning for stuffing.


At Massel we are...

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