Plant-based since 1982
Massel Liquid Stock

Massel Liquid Stock

The ultimate in convenience and fresh flavour

We created the Massel liquid stock range for busy people who love cooking and great tasting home cooked food. Great quality ingredients are the key to Massel’s delicious taste. We use premium vegetables and herbs, and pure sea salt from our Great Southern Ocean, the cleanest ocean in the world.

Massel Liquid Stock, your new pantry essential!

Cooks use Massel Liquid Stock for soups, stews and slow cooker meals, as well as to add flavour to rice and grains, vegetables, roasts and salads. People tell us that when they try Massel stock, it becomes their new pantry essential!

Massel Liquid Stock’s Ingredients and Nutritional Information

All the health benefits you expect from Massel

Massel’s growing popularity worldwide is due to our combination of fantastic flavours with great health benefits, including being one of the only gluten-free bouillons with no added MSG on the market. Our Liquid Stock is vegetable based and therefore suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Massel’s Liquid Stock ticks all the boxes for health and flavour

Gluten-free Vegan
No animal content Lactose-free
Cholesterol-free Trans fat-free
Preservative-free No added MSG
Made using all natural ingredients Kosher certified
Suitable for people with Coeliac disease

At Massel we are...

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