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Prepare delicious meals in minutes with our tasty tips. These are easy ways to boost flavour with Massel stocks. Try these quick tips and make your meals even tastier with Massel.

  • Substitute salt with Massel stock powder in any recipe for a tastier, healthier result.
  • Never cook a grain without Massel broth in it. You will be blown away by the flavour! Use Massel stock to make risotto, rice pilaf, polenta, paella, quinoa or couscous
  • Young kids love 2-minute noodles made with Massel instead of the usual nasty sachet that comes with noodles.
  • Because you can prepare Massel with warm water your kids HELP TOO – They can make a cup of Massel stock on their own. Wow, something to delegate!
  • Add Massel stock cubes or stock powder to any sauce from pasta sauce to chilli for an intense rich flavour. You will love the added depth of flavour.
  • Massel cuts the time it takes to make soup. Your soup will taste like it has been simmering for hours when it has only taken you minutes.
  • Use Massel stock as a healthy alternative to tea or coffee when you need a sustaining hot drink.
  • You can add Massel stock powder to oil and vinegar and you have a fabulous tasting dressing. You’ll never need to buy expensive bottled dressing again!
  • Add a slice of lemon and/or ginger in a cup of stock. Perfect to chase that winter cold away.
  • Add croutons or noodles to your cup of bouillon for a more substantial meal.
  • Add frozen dumplings to Massel stock and you’ll have dinner in minutes without cooking.
  • For a quick, delicious noodle soup, finely slice your favourite vegetables and herbs, add noodles and cook for a few minutes in a cup of Massel stock.
  • Add Massel stock powder to baked or stuffed vegetables as a seasoning. Simply mix with olive oil or sprinkle over the dish.
  • Add stock to marinades to flavour and tenderize meats, fish or vegetables.
  • Sprinkle stock powder on food while barbecuing.
  • Baste meat with Massel stock for succulent juicy results.
  • Add stock powder to crumbed coatings for a more savoury flavour.
  • Massel stock powder makes a sensational seasoning for stuffing.
  • Add Massel stock powder to dips for a bit of extra zing or sprinkle on hot chips and fries.

Got a recipe using Ultracubes and want to use stock powder instead? No problem! Use our quick conversions table to work out how much you need. Go to Conversions Table.

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