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Healthy Dinner Recipes for Summer Serving - Massel Australia

Healthy Dinner Recipes for Summer Serving

  Brace yourself; summer is coming! Warm weather means school break-ups, an influx of Christmas parties, visitors, picnics, and barbecues by the dozen. With a chocka social calendar, you need healthy dinner recipes, and you need them now! Impress your guests and take the hassle out of entertaining with these five healthy dinner recipes for... MORE
Woman in a warm sweater with milk and cookies

Brace yourself for the cold, not the kilos!

As the cold begins to approach, it becomes easier to indulge in heavier foods. With the summery days of salads behind us, the cooler months beckon with soups, pies and stews. But with those hunger pangs also comes the risk of weight gain, which is especially easy to do during this time of year. Which... MORE
Supermarket shopping bag

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Let’s be straight here – one of the main excuses people give for not buying healthy food is that it’s too expensive and/or completely out of their reach. Not to mention, when you see people in the supermarket piling their trolleys high with everything from fizzy drinks, chocolate and chips, it can make you look twice at... MORE
Girl holding a green smoothie

What it means to be Vegan

With our Vegan Cuisine Week off to a great start, we wanted to delve into the controversial subject that is what it means to be a vegan in today’s world. It’s one of those things that people either love, hate, or love to hate, but you can’t deny that it has made a global impact on the... MORE
A girl holds a bowl of hot soup

Cold Days Call for Hot Food

We’re sad to see summer go but we’re excited for the new flavours autumn brings as cold days call for hot food. With cooler mornings and evenings, our appetites crave more filling foods such as bowls of soup over the summery lightness of seafood and salads. It’s the season where we slow down our cooking with roasts, stews, braises... MORE
Gluten free bread

The Goss on Gluten

Gluten-free: two words that frustrate, confuse and often make people wonder what it’s all about. Particularly in recent years, going gluten-free has become more common as a result of choice in diet or because of suffering from gluten-intolerance such as Coeliac’s disease. But are there further reasons as to why this has become so popular? We decided... MORE
quick snacks autumn

Quick Snacks to Whip Up for the Week

Everyone loves to snack, but we often resort to unhealthy food choices when we feel hunger pangs coming on! With fast food on every street corner, it can be hard to make the decision to not resort to eating something unhealthy when you are short on time, especially when you want something delicious to eat but just don’t... MORE
Autumn flavours and veggies

Delicious Autumn Recipes

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and one where fruit and vegetables are at their most bountiful. So what exactly can you expect to find in your supermarkets? Looking at fruit: Apples, bananas, figs, grapes, kiwifruit, lemons, watermelon, nectarines, peaches, pears, persimmons, plums, and quinces are all on the menu and are perfect to be... MORE
DIY: Fast Food Made Healthy with Massel

DIY: Fast Food Made Healthy

  You don’t have to walk too far these days to find a fast food vendor or 10. Fish and chips, pizza, burgers and tacos are all fast food favourites here in Aussie – but tend to be laden with saturated fats, high-salt content, preservatives and sugar. A number of experts attribute the current obesity... MORE
Thickening101 with Massel Australia

Thickening 101

  The meat is falling off the bone, the sweet aromas of slow cooked herbs have your guests ravenous, but your one pot wonder is a watery swamp disappointment. Never let a thin sauce stand between pot and plate again! Thickening 101: Where we explore the pros and cons of common thickening agents, and divulge our... MORE

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